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there we go again!!

"Don't throw something away because one part doesn't work. Figure out why it's not working, or see if you can still keep this operation running without it. There are a million possibilities out there, so keep looking."

this is what my horoscope reads today, well wierdo coincidence, since i just placed a call to A. and he picked up and i hated what i heard,cold and distant, had made up my mind about not ever calling him again(AGAIN!!), he called me back and this is what i dont get, i dont enjoy talking to him these days since he's all attached and things are all crazy, but i keep hoping that he'd call, wat might that be abut i keep asking myself but in vain, as usual, nothing comes out of it.

you know its a little confusing for me, when i speak to him now, i hear a person who is formal and cold and distant just appearing to be there, i wonder then is there a change in him or is it my perception?? i am a little crazy i guess.

well and yeah, after writing this …