Thursday, November 29, 2007

been some time na!!!

Hey you…….yeah yeah I know its been a little too long since I dropped in to say hello, and I have no reasons for it yaar, didn’t really have very much to say… was partly bored and partly lazy, didn’t know what to write and wanted to take my time to add spice to my life so that I could come back here and write about it.

Well Cosmo’s advice to Capricorn women for adding spice to their lives goes something like this, “ you go girl, add some spice to life, the next time u see him, rip his clothes off..” ….ehem…….well that line didn’t do very much to me but did scare someone, so much so that I can now threaten Ish with it. Well it kind of comes as a surprise to him, the content of these women’s magazines, this after he “accidentally” came across a copy of Marie Claire, well then, thank god he hasn’t read Cosmo yet…that would definitely scare him…. So I bought a new orange sweater which I believe looks quite good on me, plus Priya, my lovely has the same one … so for this season its Ish’s favorite one on me, I like the fact that I am not the only neurotic one now who is always longing to see that green shirt, u are in the same bracket now baby!!

Ankur, is FINALLY committed and I am so happy for him and richa, he deserves the best and so does she, I love them both and love the fact that they both are in love too.

Harish and akhil seem to be enacting chosen episodes of chose K soaps where they take turns playing the mother in law ( although harish wants to be the bitchy vamp!!)….i don’t like this one bit, its too weird, I like them both and hate to take sides, so guys to both of u BE A MAN and admit, u are wrong, me and pri are always right!

Purchases…that’s reminds me, new brown ballerinas added to the wardrobe (yay!!) plus brought black spaghetti… (looks hot, even on me!!)

Recently went to a store with Priya and we both tried on this really hot dress, fit us both nicely and looked super cute, one glitch, I am a little bit chubby and cannot seem to change that, yes, I am lazy! So I eat Ish’s head about this continually and then go to the cafĂ© and have lunch!!!

Saw Jab We Met, I thought it was a nice movie, then again I am a sucker for romances and like almost everything with a happy ending, but since this is the first movie that we saw together, it was special. Stayed away from Saawariya and Om Shanti Om, naah!, too much too much!...but u have to admit that ranbir kapoor is kinda cute.

Okay, nothing much to say now, birthdays are coming up, Priya first, then Ish and then ME!!.......i just like this, last year me and ankur had a lunch treat, just the two of us, this year me and pri are planning to give a treat together, really hoping that works out.

Have caught a nasty cold, to be honest I do not like myself like this one bit, I am quite sure I am a pain to those around me too, more than the usual….i feel really really old right now….and now I’ve forgotten what I was going to say!!.....maybe I am THAT old.

and yeah i am finally going to be 19, i should realise now that life doesnt really stop for people, everyone moves on.....well maybe.

Okay ciao then,

Friday, November 2, 2007

eee today!

well hey, its been sometime i know......i am still almost the same, perpetually messing up a lot of things...still laughing, yes!

today wasnt that good after all, "Ich" fell down and hurt himself, so no college today...not exciting atleast....

i realisd something today, it takes so little to make us sad, while it has to be so much to make us happy.i sulked a lot today, for varied reasons but in the end i guess its silly to trust everyone in ur life, just cause u talk to them and see everyone day in and day out.....we are all selfish ignorant people, who seldom think about others in our lives.....good so i know that about myself, just need to figure that abt others now.

moped a lot,. missed a lot..loved a lot.

lots of love,
ich liebe du,