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So its Friday again, exams are over, friends are off, to return home, the much hyped PARTY, is done with……which sort of leaves me, with a ton of FREE time, and I should be happier than this, but I am so used to these people, that their absence gets to me, that I am an emotional idiot most of the times, is a vital part of it too.

So this is the last weekend of 2007………2007, I think was a good year, much love is due to those around me, who made my life so much better in so many ways……so here it goes;

To Priya, someone I thought I could never ever be friends with, who listens to all my crazy ideas with a twinkle in her eyes and flashes that brilliant smile of hers, which makes it worth the effort!... also along with Akhil and ankur, introducing me to the wonderful world of Dark temptations and cold coffees.

To Akhil, who sulks, screams and sulks some more, but in the end never forgets being my friend….and who draws the best penguins ever!

To Harish, who is incredibly intelligent and yet, cho…


Hmmm, so I havent been here for some time now, well, exams going on now, I don’t really want to say how god or bad they have been going cause regardless I never cross the meagre 7 even…..whats the point?

There are a lot of things I hate, things I detest, maybe they bring out my own character flaws or all that is incomplete in my existence but right now all I know is that there is this man I am related to, whose idea of women is barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen!...and I am sorry, but I thought we were out of the stone ages!............ I hate the not-so-subtle use of “since u are a girl……..” , well I am not going to get into how women have been downtrodden and blah blah blah, but u know, people are so busy thinking about it on a larger scale that no one even gives a little thought to things on a smaller scale, I do not hate this man, I just don’t like the way he is, the way he has been for the past 19 years I have known him.... I do not know whether to pity his wife for putting up …
when i read the following piece, i thought the person who put it up was being his usual cynical self,i mean i have always thought highly of him, but here was this guy who has what most people dont, what most people yearn for and still he chooses to see everything around him in this light,when i co-relate my thoughts to his, i see myself being the kid which i probably am, seeing the world through a rose tint... nothing is wrong, i am the same, people are the same and the only thing that possibly changed is perception, not towards them but towards most situations.......maybe it is a good thing, to be all bitter and cynical,the idea is very appealing to me, i am reconsidering that "build-a-wall-around-yourself-idea" but really......nothing has happened........nothing, really.

People disappoint me.
I tell them at outset
they will. They insist...
(in not so many words)
"No, I'm the real deal..."
and sometimes
I am taken in. But
in the end... people
Disappoint, dismay.