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you know how i can confirm that i have no life, whatsoever??......

i wake up every morning at precisely 2.30 am, recall whatever it is that i was dreaming abt and laugh my ass off!......yesterday, i dreamt abt this cute guy telling me that he is better than me in MANUFACTURING MACHINES (the subject!!)....i come up with new rejection plans while sleeping! bloody hell.... are u convinced now??

i am telling u, i am giving competition to crazy plate lady now.

Mundane stuff about me that you should/must know.......(plus i am bored)

1. I like my beverages cold, or atleast at room temperature, else i let them take their own sweet time cooling, even coffee and tea...( sorry priya)

2.I hate it when people make little pools of daal on their plates and let other things take a swim in it....ugh!

3.I cannot live without lip glasses are a close second.

4.I cannot stand lil red ants, the kinds that bite.

5.I dream in black and white, sometimes gray....but they're still colorful.

6.I like the sound of heartbeats.

7.My idea of a pet is a rock, or at the most Harish. NO, change that back to a rock.

8.I have eaten pasta arrabiatta every time i have been out in the past two months.

9.Two thirds of my closet in pink.

10.Despite #9, I am predominantly a tomboy (ask samarth)

11.I want to keep in touch with everyone i have ever known.

12.I sulk at will.

13.I have consistently dreamt of the the same for the past 2 weeks.

14."A passion …