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so my friend harish says i am like ELAINE BENES from Seinfeld... welll.... i like it its better than a lot of other stuff ;) plus i like elaine. i now think i am like her because she said this: "He's a bad breaker-upper." about an ex flame,

ehem,arent they all? :P

p.s. harish then u wud be Cramer, i suppose?
its summer again, i dread the season that always brings along gruesome heat and bloody hell,Exams!! but looks like there are a few things i like abt the dreary season after all, so here we go:- (by the way, if u notice i am all into lists these days)

1.amaltas - the indian laburnum, bright yellow flowers which greet you dangling off every tree in delhi, everywhere u go, althought the gulmohar is also in full bloom, amaltas are a treat, putting the sunshine to shame just shining bright!!

2.the heat sort of makes everyone lazy, so in effect we are lazier than usual. no work gets done and draggin friend to eat momos is easier!

3.u have an excuse for ur ever lasting lethargy now, it works better thn it does in winters, trust me!

4.u may mess up, but later attribute ur frustration(or someone elses) to the pathetic weather.

baaki later, the weather's making me quite dull.....:P hope it worked!!