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been sometime na, well i have been a lazy lazy girl, not doing much at all. i saw Forrest Gump, which i think everyone should watch once at least, really nice movie.......i am re-reading Master Of The Game, which is one of my very favorites, and i am hoping someone comes along and gives me another book soon.... waiting for college to start again and yeah, i am very very bored at home!so please somebody gimme something to write about !!!ciao,you know who.

school school !!

lets take a trip down memory lane, shall we..........

Samarth Bhatia....sammy, samster and self acclaimed cool best friend of 17 yrs....

so we loved our teachers (so much)....and they loved us back!........that grin- PRICELESS!.....maths teacher.

hmmm, see sometimes i was good too..

and then there was the free time.....

and u thought only women did the whole poledancing bit...and i believe he's still single...LAAADIES!!!!

Sam Bahadur

There is so much to be said about Sam Manekshaw, the eulogy delivered by Jehan Daruwala, grandson of the late Field Marshal at a memorial service says it all:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It's been an overwhelming few weeks for us as a family, and now, I shall tell you about the man I knew, the man behind the one you all knew as Field Marshal S.H.F.J. Manekshaw.

He would pick up the phone in the house and in a booming voice say "Feeeaaald Maaaarshaaaalll!!!" which would make my brother and I break out into fits of laughter.

At home, this man was the farthest thing from being the highest-ranking officer in one of the world's largest standing armies. To Raul, Brandy and me, he was always Sam, our most amazing, wonderful, and loving grandfather.

He was the man whose thick finger you held on to as you were taken around the garden and made to memorize the names of flowers.

The man who showed you how to wash behind your …


well its been a very very interesting weekend, not much to do actually but i saw two movies that will have a good impact on most of those who watch them, the best thing being that both starred Leo Dicaprio and needless to say he looked HOT!!

-The Departed

-The Aviator

well come to think of it, these arent the movies i would normally watch, but i am glad i did, both are great but i prefer The Departed to the other one (i know, who would have thought!!). The Aviator features Leo as a passionate, eccentric, disturbed, ladies man Howard Hughes, which our man plays with ease but it is the portrayal of the undercover cop that completely takes the cake, much like blood diamond, he shines through, The film is intriguing and does complete justice to the oscars it was nominated for and won in the end.

Apart from all great logic, i have two very simple points which make the departed better:

1) Leonardo Dicaprio, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg as opposed to just Leo.

2) You're telling me, you are gonna…
Hey now, if your baby leaves you,
And you got a tale to tell.
Just take a walk down lonely street
To heartbreak hotel.
first of all Happy birthday Akhil!!, and thanks for the best party ever! yesterday was a day of discoveries.....well for one i am certain that i am not the booze kind of person,i do not get the point of it and at any point in the experiment it feels like there's more about to come out than that went no alcohol here. but i am the dancing kind of person,we went to a lounge bar in atta, while the others tried out rum etc, i ventured into unknown territory with a cocktail lavishly called Everest..(although i wanted to try something called the flying tigress)...honestly, it tasted like orange juice with a generous dose of glycodin (yes, the cough medicine) they started playing all the songs, and there we were, dancing like crazy, who knew it took harish a couple of beers to get it going on, he "danced" to some famous punjabi song.

so there, we literally danced for 2 hours straight, to hindi, english and punjabi; went crazy but it was great.,..hmm, i should …

jaane tu.............

its not revolutionary, path breaking and doesnt give out any messages for sure, it might be a take on the whole "girl boy friendship funda", but it does not preach, doesnt lay down any ground rules or doesnt tell you how it is SUPPOSED to be, and thats why Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is a good film, its like a book almost,its lets you perceive it as you like.its a nice film about the real sorta goofy people, who mess up from time to time, and yes it doesnt teach you how to be cool, so it isnt the quintessential youth film. Watch it once, fun film...

Btw, Imran Khan's 6 pack doesnt hurt either :P

in the end....

thats it, isnt it........