Saturday, August 23, 2008

Me: so do u like me more or cricket?

Person: ummmm.........err......ehem........ well, u know there really isnt any comparison.............well........

Me: well, on any given afternoon, me or cricket?

Person: well....hmmm..

ME: Hem hem!!

Person: U!! ofcourse.

MEN!~ u love, u hate 'em.

Friday, August 22, 2008

my life.......(sucks)

hello there so there's another weekend knocking at my door, and making me realize (again) that i have no life whatsoever. well but i have it all chalked out, i plan to get a pack of mother dairy's finest Vanilla and yes, finish it!! if that's not enough, i shall get to my book and catch a few lousy shows on t.v., college is okay, results came out and i have figured life is indeed a series of dissapointments and the guy up there deals you the good cards once in a while just to see the look on ur face, anyways, thanks man!

so, since i am totally VElla, i decided to clear out my inbox today, and read a couple of old mails, so basically i went through the last couple of years of my life, which were left there carelessly scattered around my mailbox..... this is stuff that made me laugh out loud ( or LOL as a certain Mr.Pandey would use 2 times in a standard sentence ). . . so here are some chosen memories, revisited (not in any particular order).
ME telling someone about ankur and priya's hook-up
me: she's seeing ankur
person : wht??
me: yeah it was only natural.........i bet their eyes met over a couple of chemistry books.


My conversation with a guy, telling him that I like him. (no wonder!)

me: i really like u.
person: me?
why me?
me: what do u mean "why me?" i accusing u of murder?
how many explanations are there for liking someone?

Me on a chat with Sid Pandey, after i believe i lent him some money (which i dont really recall getting back)

me: there he is...the ower of my money, the mini marshall of aerospace!!

Mr.Harish Vemavarrappu(nee Alagappa) "trying" to be ROcking!

Harish: Yes, Swati. I enquire about the status of the situation in the Y-direction

Translation: he basically asked me "whats up?"
during a conversation, me coming up with a "brilliant idea" for a detective agency;

me: hey nice punch line for a detective agency........" ace detectives: WE DONT JUST TALK, WE STALK!!"
To be continued!!......

well children,thats it for now, i shall post more later, since at the moment i am engrossed in an intense conversation about Love with Mr.G.N.Pradeep Kumar. u get the picture.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

"In anticipation of the time, if it ever comes, when I will see you
frown at my defects; when mature reflection tells you that you've come to the
end of your love for me; in anticipation of that time when you will pass by me
like a stranger, barely even acknowledging me with a glance of your brilliant
eye; when your love for me isn't love anymore and you're guided only by somber
judgment—in anticipation of that time, I'm establishing myself here, knowing how
little I really deserve, and I'm giving testimony against myself to defend the
justice of your future actions. You have every right to leave poor me—all the
laws of reason back you up—since I can't offer any justification for your loving

- simplified Shakespeare ..... true enough.

so okay, i have been extremely lazy and haven't really been here for the past two weeks, so i apologise and college has begun and we've greeted juniors, can't believe we're telling people stories of how when we first came to college........... hmm, being old shall be fun and priya have a pact of sorts, about that later.

so this semester seems interesting, but it has to be said that something should be done to perk up those damn lectures, the subjects are great, but Verma Sir going on and on in a south indian tone sounds more like a ballad than gas dynamics,man i miss Tanzy (yes i love him!!)
but not much is happening in college apart from the initiatives we seem to be taking, the aerospace journal is getting somewhere finally, and dobby will start soon enough.

personally, i have (with a little help from harish) noticed a trend in my love life, the guys i have liked/dated/wanted to date sooooo badly have all gone on to become quite successful proffessionally. . lets see, 3 to IIT, 2 have scholarships to American Universities and the Gpa's seem to be rising. . . pretty impressive... :P.... it just feels like more than sheer coincidence, and hence Harish says i MUST fall in love with him........awww.looks like i sure know how to pick 'em!
(hmmm, narcissism doesnt feel that good after all....)

movies......well Shakespeare in Love ought to be given a try, interesting humour, worth the hype. People around me want to watch SIngh is Kinng, sadly...

wll thats about it from me now,
shall blabber on if something interesting comes along.