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well my explanation for not showing up would be socialising, yes thats sumthing new for me since i cant even remember the last time i "went out". so here are a few things i've learnt from the past few weeks-:

1. if u think a guy is cute, tell him. (been there, done that)

2. do not take tips on flirting from a certain aakash parasher. he's mean online :P

3. talking of Parasher, he's not that bad after all, only his reputation precedes him.

4. always talk to Sidd Pandey when He's busy making a report, he'll answer "any" questions you have :)

5. Once you Catch Akhil in good mood, insist on a treat and he'll give it to ya.

6. Most importantly, DO NOT watch an Adam Sandler film even if people bribe you suitably. just take my word for it.

7. make ur parents take u shopping for daughter's day(28th sep for later ref), buy a great pair of jeans and feel hot for one whole day.
it rained today, my glasses broke, walked from college to the bus stop ...... i happen to see the beauty in everything only when i can't see clearly..

akhil's right... i am too practical to be happy.

i am trying to find a way to do both well....lets see :)

Rock On!!

well, despite what a certain Ms.Murthy says, i think he's HOT!
umm, nice movie, go watch! shoo!