Friday, February 20, 2009

well hello, i am back, and let's hope this time i stay for good,
life is just how it has been for a long long time, a stream of running water, hitting a few rocks here and there but by and large bouncing back to carry on,
i am unable to decide whether this is good or bad, but it sure is comfortable and convenient.

the recent feeling of unrest has now passed,
i have now given up the guilt of making someone really sad in the course of the past year,
since that person has moved on and is now happy,
"well man, i am happy for you". . . and to his new cheery attitude,
well love does make the world go round!

you know this sort of feels like there always turn out to be people we were meant to be with,
and ishan, its so great that now you have that person in your life all over again.
hope life's great for you and everything is smooth (touch wood!)

crappy college college days are here, i wake up with a profound feeling of not going through the hassle of getting to college but well, you gotta do what you gotta do.
i swear i only do it because of these idiots i am in love with, Ankur Priya!!!!

so our college is doing our first major fest in april and god save us all....
in the name of goodwill ankur, priya and i have taken up the responsibility of the general quiz and god save those who are participating. i recently heard that there are plans of naming the cultural fest something like "aghast" and upon hearing that i, too, was Aghast! ..... i tell you theres no point blaming Amity when people themselves are trash....subham,get a life!

i realised that i can tolerate bus crowds in Noida but cannot, and i mean, CANNOT stand to be around anyone remotely related to THE CHENNAI..... my mum seems to be seriously worried about this fact.

there is a lot of courtesying going on in class, after all we are very polite people....*wink wink*

catch ya later then,


p.s. i spare you the intricate details of my progress on the projects i am doing at college, since this is a blog and not a "daily log" as Mr.Pandey maintains (although there hasn't been much maintaining going on ever since the man got his 8 pointer, so there hasnt been any connecting with us little people!!)