Saturday, March 14, 2009

May you never know the pangs of unreciprocated love…

Monday, March 2, 2009

aloha, bonjour and hola.

it is Monday and already i have begun to become lazy, well, about college, about work and about life in general, sometimes it feels like life is too long, but then i guess this lull too is temporary, soon i'll be up and about again.

I recently visited Chandigarh, Punjab Engineering College to be precise, in order to find about about this project we are pursuing wholeheartedly, well lets just say the model was a couple of hundred years old and we felt like students of Aero-archeology rather than Aerospace! The college campus is pretty impressive, very similar to IIT-D, well you know it has reaffirmed my belief that any institution earns its good name on the basis of its students and their performance, and hence al our Amity-Lamenting is genuinely a way to put off our own shortcomings.

About Chandigarh, well, having been there only for a day, I can tell you this, that the city is very similar to Delhi (well i am biased to Delhi and look for it everywhere), i mean in the space area especially, to say its very well planned would be like saying that Pradeep is a south indian. The only thing that separates it from Delhi is the pace of the city, it is much more relaxed, laid back and it surprises me that i cannot find anything to hate there..... hence nice place overall!

In more college news, the fest, as expected is fast heading towards crappy-dom..... got into a verbal tiff with a junior and almost made the guy cry, he couldn't tolerate the fact that i thought his fashion show idea was shit. we are to start working on our projects soon, maybe tommorow, so good luck.

nothing much, verma is still bald, garg is still tiny and akhil is still "rabbit-ing" (and letting everyone know!)...

adiĆ³s amigos!!

swati "very bored" srini