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aloha, bonjour and hola.

it is Monday and already i have begun to become lazy, well, about college, about work and about life in general, sometimes it feels like life is too long, but then i guess this lull too is temporary, soon i'll be up and about again.

I recently visited Chandigarh, Punjab Engineering College to be precise, in order to find about about this project we are pursuing wholeheartedly, well lets just say the model was a couple of hundred years old and we felt like students of Aero-archeology rather than Aerospace! The college campus is pretty impressive, very similar to IIT-D, well you know it has reaffirmed my belief that any institution earns its good name on the basis of its students and their performance, and hence al our Amity-Lamenting is genuinely a way to put off our own shortcomings.

About Chandigarh, well, having been there only for a day, I can tell you this, that the city is very similar to Delhi (well i am biased to Delhi and look for it everywhere), i me…