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आदतन तुमने कर दिए वादे

आद्तान हमने ऐतबार किया . .

hmm, why do i even listen to u!!

Singin in the rain....

the only thing that can make the last class on a friday evening worthwhile is crazy rain (apart from tanzy taking the class :P)

so yes, it rained cats and dogs yesterday, and yes we got drenched. and yes, it was great, priya, ankur, akhil and I, being mad in the rain, just like we usually do, did a little rain dance and went to eat at the cafe.

doesnt maggi taste great in the rain!!

i hope we always have this. just us, a little mad, always in love.
happy Independence day ... well I played cricket with neighborhood boys, needless to say it is the only time i really feel like such a girl. :)
. . . write
From now on, clearly, using words that cost
Less torment both to your reader and to you.

p.s.- For the 200 posts on this blog, some regretted, some re-read. And for those who occasionally stop by :)

p.p.s- I finally saw Love Aaj Kal, loved it. Immediately called up prakhar and bullied him into watching it, also had a heart-to-heart about life, love and much/mush else...again!

Lunch On A Skyscraper