Monday, February 22, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

I Love


almond lip gloss

friday evening





country music

vikram seth


Trips to Atta


Staying home

The Fifties



My sister

Salsa (the condiment)


World war II




My birthday

Other people's birthdays


Selfless people

quiet mornings

my kitchen





my innate south-Indianness

my innate Delhi-ness

my school

priya's smile

the house where i grew up


when you're sitting in class, surrounded by the three idiots you love a lot (and who love you back), and you hear that exams and 2 months away, you yawn and say," so?". . . and then one of them gets that look on their face, you think 'what drama man!' and say "what?!". . . then the dumbfounded expression gives way to the undeniable fact that college ends in those two months!! and then you say, "!*&%@!@#@". (pardon me, I AM a lady)

Its ending, its actually ending. Oh man, it hits u in waves. . and somehow it isnt exactly like school ending, when school was done with, we were starry eyed kids, who thought they'd never lose touch with each other. But the stars are gone (atleast temporarily) four years down the line, and now we know that life eventually takes its course, and we have to struggle to make the relationships work.

So, in waves, i am gonna start posting an un-exhaustive list of all things College/That Place/Hell-hole ( thoda senti-mental allowed)

1. Akhil Ankur Priya and I - no more confusing people with our myriad inter-personal relationships. . . . . best friend, lover, friendly love partner, sister, wife, ex wife, bossy wife, harried husband, harrassed husband, soulmate to name a (ph)ew.

(err... it may seem like it but we are not that sort of a group. thank you)

2. If I ever write a book ( not an audio book, WRITE),i will dedicate a few paragraphs of the foreword to akhil meeting me at 37 everyday. those are one fifth of my life's learning's and experiences right there.

3. Shopping is never going to be the same. ever. (that is, unless we wait for a bus, settle on an auto with me sitting on someone's lap, get there, feed a very hungry ankur before the shopping's even begun, deviate akhil from the latest "fads" in the market, deviate priya from every BIG bag, deviate me from anything pink or polka and end up with 46 bags of stuff) Never the same.

4. Why God Why?, how on earth will I ever live without a psycho gentleman/gentlewoman judging me every six months? ( known to laymen as the behavioral science class)

5. Why God Why? (sorry) How will i live without bitching about "Madam X" ( and that chihuahua tied to her at all times) ? How how? I cannot gossip/exchange facts if i dont know what's going on, if i am not around for the controversies, the fistfight's, the political influences, the treachery.... How, i ask you, HOW? *But I'll have to live, move on, these things happen, life's like that. *

okay, got your dose of drama? Now scoot!!

p.s. On a serious note, Our national Animal is fast disappearing, there are only 1411 tigers left in India. It is our responsibility to do something,do our part. hence I have decided to make my can I possibly feed the tigers the subject of #5? and her chihuahua?

p.p.s - I would never do that, I like the tigers, they're already fast disappearing, why would i MAKE them run!

p.p.p.s- Valentine's day is here, I have no valentine, but i have love :). . i want to thank chachu, slutty cousin, normal cousin, married cousin, boy cousin,the tigers, the ex boyfriends, the ex friends, verma sir, tanzy, chottu garg, New BS teacher, Old BS teachers, College English teachers, Subham, Chauhan Sir, annoying juniors, annoying seniors and the college cafeteria (for giving a new meaning to Food)

Also mom and dad, my sister, nani, dadi.

Also Also Ankur Priya and Akhil!

And Prakhar :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Your absence has gone through me
Like thread through a needle
Everything I do is stitched with its colour"

some time ago I felt deep emotions, a very long time ago.

time for a change, its time for me to get rid of the guilt, it is time.

It took for you to sit across from me and not even acknowledge me for that to happen.