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She had been shopping then, something she hadn’t done for weeks, she hadn’t been out of the house much, she worried a lot now, but Ma assured her, babies knew just when to come, they never came when you were sick or confused but when they knew you were ready to welcome them, that had comforted her. It was the first time in weeks she had felt like herself again, she loved every bit of her new role, which was about to come. D. had come out with her today and had ventured into a bookstore to buy her something good, her birthday as a week away, and he silently hoped the baby would come then and it would be a double celebration.

She had liked winters since she had been very young, the breeze began to pass her by, then she had wobbled down the street, for months people had told her she would have a boy, going by how large she had been, she had prayed she’d have twins even triplets, it was a little silly, and now she prayed for a healthy baby, she wanted a boy, D. had just wanted …