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Coming Home

“The beauty of this world, if you gave it your heart, would break it.”As for any explanation for my conspicuous absence, I have none. It was in June that I last wanted to write, or was it May? Well it was a long time ago. ..Did I tell you that I finished college? Or for that matter, that I found a job? Yes, I work now, in Bangalore. I came here 4 months ago, and it is no coincidence that I haven’t written since. College was months ago, surreal . . . it seems like ages ago. I live in Bangalore, Akhil in Hyderabad, Ankur in Kharagpur and Priya, in London. Yes, we live in different worlds now, and try our best to hold on to one another’s.Priya left on September 28th, 2010. It’s hard to fathom that she lives in a separate continent now, that she eats Blueberry muffins for breakfast and lunch and dinner sometimes. . . I wonder if she misses me with every breath too. She does, I know.Ankur lives, sometimes begrudgingly, in Kharagpur,West Bengal. He misses civilization, for the most part. An…