Monday, October 18, 2010

Coming Home

“The beauty of this world, if you gave it your heart, would break it.”

As for any explanation for my conspicuous absence, I have none. It was in June that I last wanted to write, or was it May? Well it was a long time ago. . . Did I tell you that I finished college? Or for that matter, that I found a job?

Yes, I work now, in Bangalore. I came here 4 months ago, and it is no coincidence that I haven’t written since.

College was months ago, surreal . . . it seems like ages ago. I live in Bangalore, Akhil in Hyderabad, Ankur in Kharagpur and Priya, in London. Yes, we live in different worlds now, and try our best to hold on to one another’s.

Priya left on September 28th, 2010. It’s hard to fathom that she lives in a separate continent now, that she eats Blueberry muffins for breakfast and lunch and dinner sometimes. . . I wonder if she misses me with every breath too. She does, I know.

Ankur lives, sometimes begrudgingly, in Kharagpur,West Bengal. He misses civilization, for the most part. And priya. Not in that order though.

Akhil, works in Hyderabad, lives there for the most part. The grown up that he is now, still calls every day, but has less to giggle about. I imagine the next time I meet him, there might be new found lines settled quietly in the creases of his face, lines that formed without me, ah when your best friend grows up without letting you know.

As for me, the job is . . . well a job, its taxing tiring and seems to have a life of its own, having spent the better part of four months giving exams and doubting myself, I am looking at life with a newer perspective, a new set of priorities.

Where I live is as close to home as it gets, sometimes I walk into my room and the joy that envelopes me seems like a joy I have missed since Priya left. Sometimes it is idle chatter, other times laughter . . . the happy laughter that belittles life’s troubles, makes the thread of worry run in the background instead, even if for a few wondrous moments.

Anuradha, Alora, Priyanka – the three stooges, well let us just say their warm laughter fills my days and makes life less lonesome.

Bangalore is beautiful, as are its people. Where Delhi was curious, inquisitive; B’lore is carefree, cool. Trees dot its streets too, much like Delhi; Life passes you by here, if don’t pay attention. But it will take your breath away, if you do.

These days I am waiting to find out if my job requires me to move, I shall be sorry if it does, sorry to be leaving this life I have formed.

And lest I forget, I should mention, Anuj is back :)