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what wonderful emotion. . . .

I envy those
Who have a house of their own,
Who can say that their feet
rest on what is theirs alone.
Who do not live on sufferance
in strangers' shells,
As I have done last few years,
and as I probably will.

A place on earth untenured,
solid, brick, grass, air:
To know that I'll never have to move
to review seasons from one lair.
When the night comes, to lie down in peace
and know that I may die as I have slept.
That things will not revert to a stranger's hand
That those I love, may keep what I have kept.
I am :ordinary. for the most part.

I think : too much.

I know :all the 50 states in the USA.and can name them in under four minutes.

I want :to have four kids.

I have :an unwavering affection for Vikram Seth.

I wish : I was in love.

I hate : summers

I miss : priya, akhil, ankur.

I fear : pigeons

I hear : hindi film songs from the 90's in my head, particularly during exams.

I smell :coconut, on happy mornings.

I crave :hundreds of shoes, literally a hundred pairs. . . or a hundred books.....or both.

I search : for contentment.

I wonder : if I'm going anywhere

I regret : a long long list of decisions

I love :love

I ache : after finishing a particularly good novel. I miss it.

I am not :good at hiding emotions

I cry : in my bathroom. sometimes in public.

I believe :in God.

I dance : like there's no tmrw. In Tantra, Noida.

I sing :old hindi songs with feeling :)

I read :indian authors mostly.

I don't always :talk .... :)

I write : emotionally!

I win :in arguments with akhil/danish.

I lose…

La Dolce Vita

there are days when i have awoken with a dislike for life, days where I haven't felt like living , i guess we've all had those day but today isn't one of them, I woke today with a love for life, with plenty of Joie de Vivre.....the joy of living.

And this joie de vivre is a joy of everything, a comprehensive joy. . . .life, i realised, is fun if you want it to be.

so this here is my new outlook.

p.s. - I head to Delhi in december. . . . to college, to ankur, to akhil :)