Thursday, February 17, 2011

hum se aayaa naa gayaa,
tum se bulaayaa naa

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

starts well though. . . .

So I am in the middle of the week, amidst all this Matrimony-ing at home, a matter on which my thoughts are still not defined too well, which is certainly unlike me since planning endlessly is my middle name,Thats when I read this :

"It may not happen in the first instant, but within ten minutes of meeting a man, a woman has a clear idea of who he is, or at least who he might be for her, and her heart of hearts has already told her whether or not she’s going to fall in love with him."

yes. completely.


Dear prospective groom,

I don't know what you shall think of me, or what direction my photos might take you, but I wish to come clean, if you are even considering marrying me, you should know : -

I am intellectual, I read and was titled Miss Sophisticated in college BUT I love hindi songs, even the item numbers. jhintak hindi numbers bring back the girl who danced unhibitedly in Tantra for hours. . . I break into song and dance when in one of my moods.
Also I love Winters/Mountains/Monsoons so please dont mind when I am not sympathetic to going to Goa for the Honeymoon. Beach + Sand + Sun = Not me.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is my nani living Vicariously through me. . . She has lined up a doctor, a lawyer and bevy of techies in the US who must be scrutinised !

Friday, February 11, 2011

nouveau. . .

Its 4.15 pm, I sit in the office drumming my fingernails on the table, waiting for Tanu to return, earphones are plugged in and Kishore Kumar is crooning, it is surprising how easy this new place has been to adapt to (touchwood) :)

Well it is my 19th day in this new project, oh yes, I have been moping around on the blog that I forgot to mention, I now work for Bank Of New York. Its a small team, some interesting people. Some days its infintely boring, I show up to work at 8 and wait for the clock to strike 6, but then there are the days where times passes swiftly, punctuated here and there by laughter or a cup of tea.

For these days I am glad that tanu is here, you see she wa sin my training batch, sweet genuine girl and quite fun to be around. She, unlike me, never mopes!

i meet up with neha for lunch usually, hanging out with Neha reminds me of the days back in college when i resented her, She was Priya's roommate and my contender in title of best friend and hence hatred brewed as we vied for the prize - Priya. . .but now, that Priya is so far away, 11,127 kms away , we both miss her - we realise that we get along quite well . Sigh, Life.

At home, they are actively Matrimony-ing, as i like to call it. My nani is convinced that there are no more eligible Iyer boys left in the USA and wants to marry me off to a California Wasi. Uh well, though i have no set thoughts on this matter, there are days when i sit back and just enjoy the show.

Ah well all that in delhi =2077 kms away, I however, in faraway bangalore am trying to live a normal life, dining on Sizzlers in Kobe, reading Palace Of Illusions, catching the odd movie, skipping the gym to have heartfelt conversations with roommates, waiting for the weekends and sleeping for the most part.

and with that, its 4.40 p.m., I am now 1 hour away from weekend-ing! Must make new shopping list, must cry over finances on monday . . . . ciao :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011


"I'm going to think of him as having gone fishing..
because if I think I will never hear his voice again,
I won't know how to live."

As I said, Aimless.