Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Making Music. .

Each afternoon he calls at 3, returning home from court,in a tired voice that perks up when she picks up,

she never says hello, picking up she whispers a reassuring "hmmm?" instead,

"hmmm. . " he says in return and fills her in about his day, enquiring about hers,

she's about to say "and . . . " when the line gets disconnected, she smiles absentmindedly and thinks "Taj Man Singh*!"

the phone rings again, she picks up, "Taj Man Singh ! !" he says.

To her, their actions were a symphony, a falling into, an accord - but mostly it was what they spoke-that they spoke . . .half laughed words, unfinished sentences,cozy rhetoric.

In Neruda's words. .

"I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close."

* The Hotel Taj Man Singh In Delhi, which he passes by on his way, where he first dialed her number, where the telephone signal is inevitably lost. . .

Sunday, April 17, 2011


So you realise next week this time, I shall be Engaged . . .yes now I am panicking, freaking out, thinking of running in the opposite direction. A little nephew of his yesterday referred to me as maami!. . me!!

I am too young to be a maami I thought, and that man offered no assurance either, when told he merely informed me that several 30 yr old men shall be referring to me as Bhabhi. . Dude! I need to sit down, someone get me a Mojito, someone get me a tissue, someone get me Priya!! (yes, this is me hyperventilating. .)

I am heading home on Thursday, that is, in 3 days... I had a rosy plan wherein I would have landed in Delhi on a not-so-hot Thursday morning and would have been greeted with a warm hug from a Lawyer whose face would break into the most charming smile when he saw me walk out of the arrivals terminal. . .

But fate walked in and said, scratch that!. . new plan - Beti, call the excited lawyer and tell him that your father has decided to shower his love and affection on you, starting the day u step foot on Delhi soil and now your father shall pick you up!. . .

That implies, chances are that I meet him now when I turn up to get engaged, at the hall that can hold 250,in the blue Saree. . . I mean, seriously!





So, God, this is me, sincerely praying, please make my dad change his mind, please please please, coz I went shopping on Friday and I intend to step out of airport in carefully picked out clothes (and blow dried hair) looking effortless and charming. . .please God please. . :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


1. I categorically hate people referring to photographs as Snaps. I do.

2. Speaking of words i disapprove of, I have a list of such words, which when used make me wince, The lawyer knows of these since i promised him that list after we first spoke. these include - Chill, jijaji and tasty.

Charcha mein.....

Let me just quickly update you on what's happening then, Yesterday I was being pestered for marriage, being shown prospective grooms from North America when an unsuspecting Lawyer from Delhi made his way to the top of that pile, So I met him and decided that his wife I shall be.

Today, a month later, I'm getting engaged...or should it be We're getting engaged (Oh, god!), yes in precisely 12 days, at 3.00 pm on a hot Delhi afternoon, Our parents shall proclaim to the world, hello ji, our daughter na ji, is marrying their son ji.

And We shall sit there, embarrassed by their antics and those of relatives flying in from the Madras. As the month wore on, Wherein I was busy falling in love with the Lawyer (and vice versa) our respective parents were cooking up what is the prequel to our Big fat Indian wedding. . . So out went our plans for a private ceremony, at home maybe, with say 10 people or so... out went intimate gathering and friendly banter. And in came, the venue (that can house 250!!), a photographer (who will make 2 Albums, dontuworryMadam!!), the caterer (3 course? tiffin items?) and yes the guestlist(s). trust me, fortunately I have learnt early on that as the bride (dude!!), all i have to do is show up, look demure and smile ( the last one being my only option as 50% of the guests are southies). That is all, thats my job.

I feel bad for the Lawyer stuck over there sometimes, caught between teri mummy and meri mummy, being harrased for approval on saree colours and engagement venues, hmph! but not like he isnt having fun..... him being the major contributor to the said guestlist, where I have stuck to the original plan and invited only 5 friends, Sir has gone ahead and invited, in his words, the mossst essential people...this number certainly exceeds mine by 20-25 and includes pets and tenants of the said essential people!! . . .ab bhugto!

My mother has turned Mom-zilla and her mother has taken on a steadfast efficiency that would put the Japanese to shame (touchwood, go nani go!!) . . . . yes so coming back to my mom, she wants crazy things from garlands to bridal portfoli things taken, She's called a mehendi wali home and there shall be no less than 20 relative sthere when I land up on the 21st I am sure... as long the woman is happy!

the saree is blue in colour, proudly picked out by Pa in Law to be, the Lawyer has nodded his approval (blue being his fav color) and I sincerely hope it looks good. . .

now the more important debates have begun, of blouse fittings and matching bangles and the exact shade of petticoat!!. . . topics on which my input is neither invited nor considered, I am after all only the Bride . . .

Danish and I have made as much fun of the whole scenario as can be made, but still we shall find more jokes to make, it keeps me busy while everyone else runs helter skelter.

My father has taken on a nostalgic-reminiscing look and is going about his business, yelling at people no doubt, now when he meets me, I think it shall hit me then , what's been on his mind constantly, that I'll be calling someone else's home mine, how strange and unimaginable to refer to someone else's parents as ma and pa in addition to your own.

Anywhooo, When I get home, I'm going to count the number of times I hear the words, oh how you have grown, you were soooooooo little; remember, mama and I used to take u out for Arun ice cream when you visited Madras ? (No, aunty sorry, i dont, I supress all madrasi memories possible as soon as i get back, but i m sure we went..... :) )

and hopefully I shall meet the Lawyer, see the new car. . . also I have been forbidden to enter his house before the wedding :P . . . If I can slip away from the watchful eyes of adoring relatives, I shall go.

I have been ordered , by mom, to not lose any weight :D. . . I mean, seriously!? And the Lawyer has seconded the same, hello?, are we all talking abt the same person here? Stop loving me so much!!

So. Hum dilli ja raha hoon. Ghar - to my family and now to his. to My Lawyer :)



P.s. To Danish , who was here last weekend, Dude!! come back!!

P.P.S. - pics I shall post!! soooon!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

"I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close."