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The day after Diwali, and I am in office alone (mostly). People/teammates aren't back from their Diwali ki chutti yet and that has worked out fabulously for me, these are people I don't like anyways, so to be in the bay, surrounded by 11 empty chairs is a dream. A couple of them shall be back tomorow, but that's far away.

This Diwali also dubbed the last diwali at home, the last diwali as a single person etc etc was good, since I was away in Bangalore last year, this one was even more fun. Did the ususal lighting lamps and eating sweets, convinced the sister to go eco and not do the pataka business. Did get dressed up and all though, clicked some pics et al. Missed Priya, recalled the four years in college that we spent celebrating Diwali together at our place.

The Lawyer is away in Nagpur today, Bunty is getting engaged tomorow :) . . .Over BBM*,I am demanding that he sing a bevy of songs to keep me entertained in office, and I am happy to add that he is obl…

Over Coffee

Somewhere in the last year, over numerous shared cups of coffee, in what is the best cafe we knew, Dan and I decided that we were wise souls, the Benjamin Buttons of our age (considering the people we knew).

As we sat back on plush Beige sofas, for hours at end, throwing our heads back, laughing and staring at the halogen lights above, I think we arrived, without much fanfare, at what we consider at 22, our true calling.

We want to open a bookshop, we want to spen 10 hours a day in a couple of rooms lined floor to ceiling with nothing but books, no fancy offers, nothing. We want to open the bookstore that we looked all over Noida/Delhi/Bangalore for, where they wouldn't bother us with the "Best Selling" Danielle Steels or draw our attention to New York Times' #1 Vampire Fiction.

So there, thats our dream, a quaint bookstore, with oh-so charming owners (and very knowledgeable too ) and the scent of freshly printed books.

But to get there, I'm aiming to read 100 books …

Ruminating. . .

Sitting in office, on a Wednesday afternoon, contemplating a piece of code I must turn in by this evening, my mind inevitably wandered.

I could never marry someone who smokes I decide, the abstract thought came from the nicotine smell my coworker brings back from his "tea break" every two hours or so. Its true, its a smell I can't stand, it becomes much worse when they try to suppress it with a menthol and fail miserably.

I don't know how I tolerated it in college, sharing a rickshaw with AG, asking/telling him not to light up. . Everyday after college as we stood waiting for the bus, he would buy his two standard cigarettes. Everyday I frowned.

"I'm not going to get addicted to it", he claimed to begin with, then that stopped, he couldn't kid himself either.

Every single day for 2 years or so, and now when I try, I can't remember what brand he smoked.

Knowing someone is about the small insignificant details that give us a sense of association or dis…
The Lawyer turns 28 on thursday,
His gift was something I knew he would love, then I got all excited and gave it to him on Sunday, a full 5 days before the birthday!!

He loved it nonetheless :)

To The Lawyer, who likes the finer things in life,
You're the finest thing in mine.

p.s. He loved it so much that next year I'm going to be doing some serious thinking to top this!!

A Marriage

I am five weeks away from the wedding, and the closer I get to it, the more I realise how much it means to those around me, to my parents who prepare to send me away, to Nani who has been diligently gathering up things to send with me and to the sister who wants to soak up every minute she cand find with me.

November 16 is the wedding, but the marriage, thats already in place.

A marriage that brings with it companionship, a sense of belonging, a couple of petty fights, a lot of love, a smidgen of dependency, a mutual growing-up and a lot of hope.

The future we want, the past we accept and the present we cherish are already agreed upon and understood, We decided to love each other along the way.

After November 16, We get the gift of time, we get to wake up each other, the arguments that we have can be had in person now, we can feel the love around us when we sit by, content (me reading a book, you working).

The wedding is approaching, but the marriage,
thats already in place.