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The Married me :)

Ah well, as my husband says. . . . . :)

Mrs.Lawyer I have become.

Here is a rundown of life, from the past couple of weeks - from the married me . . .

- As the wedding approached, I found myself more at peace with myself and with the spouse, amid all the panic and hysteria that the relatives bought, I knew in brief bits of clarity/sanity, why I was doing this.

- The 2 day wedding ceremony brought with it a sense of calm, I felt loved, continually cared for. When I saw him on day 1, I stopped fretting about how I looked and what I wore, I found a reassurance in the man who was marrying me.

- The actually wedding was a blast, a cousin of mine called me the happiest bride. Inside I certainly was. (Still am) :)

- The new house felt like a home in a couple of days, there was no need to look useful and be productive, it felt like my house. Here I could just be.

- The honeymoon wasn't anything as planned, but I wouldn't trade it in for anything, traveled over 2 southern states via bus + tr…

Counting Down

Here, one week before the wedding, I find myself down with a cold. Scarf around neck, sniffling in office . . . :(

I go one leave from Thursday hopefully, then I lazy around and watch as everyone goes into panic mode. . .ah well being the bride has its advantages.

I am at the moment rather attached to my Blackberry, and feel immensely tech savvy . . . life has its cheap thrills, kya karein.

Will be back with wedding updates. Till then its 8 Days to go

p.s. -8 Days !!!!
WPF applications get compiled in 2 steps, phase 1 is unseen by us,C# compilation takes place here, and since a c# compiler cannot complie XAML, we need a compiler to take care of parsing and compilation of XAML. . . .

that is what I was typing inanely, to get away from the fact that here, 2 weeks before the wedding, I am getting a slight case of cold feet.

Just as I decide I want to run away, The Lawyer calls.

This too shall pass, i know, but while its here, its kicking my ass.