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2011 - The Blah year end post

So you guessed it, not in a very good mood. I have been reading some wonderful blogs(at Work), and have been aching to write but the moment I open up my blog, the need to write just sprouts wings and flies far far away.
Its the end of December, that means the year is coming to a close too. . .2011 the wonderful year that gave me so many things, the most important being The Lawyer. The person that he is, and what he is to me.
2011 has also been a year of profound realizations, of how to move on and when to let go. It was the year I got tired and decided not to sit back while people (once important) played ping pong with my emotions. I let go, I walked away and believed that I was a better person for it. Now it doesn't matter,random phone calls, drunken messages and old letters chanced upon, they don't matter anymore. Baah, enough already man. You screwed up, I am sure I did too - now, move on.
I hate my job by the way, if it wasn't already evident by me blogging on a Thursd…
Delhi is covered in a delicious foggy haze since morning and the alarm bells are going off in my head.....Winter is here, Oye winter aa gaya!!
So its my favorite season again, we brought out the razais sometime back, butits not really delhi winter till u layer up and refuse to get out of bed to go to work/school/college.
Can't help but think of college, about a couple of years ago when we layered up attended 2 classes and walked a kilometer for a brunch of piping hot maggi-paranthas-boiled eggs and tea-shots. It did seem like the good life then :)
Ok, dismissing the wave of nostalgia unfit for a monday morning at "Work", I shall conclude by asking Santa to bring me Patience this Christmas. Patience to actually sit down and finish the books I ordered for my Birthday :)

so I am having a world of problems with my mother, lets just say she and I thnk very very differently, we always have but that has not been much of an issue coz we don't let it get in the way of our communication and more so because living under the same roof we ended up agreeing on most things albeit our approaches varied vastly. But this, me moving away and fitting into someone else's home is a whole different ballgame.
The objective me, who stands on the side can tell that this is a mechanism of coping with the void I have left in that house, constantly pick a fight with me, but realistically, the words said and the assumptions made eat at me in the silence of the night.
I am sure I too am wrong here, but I'd be able to identify a problem and think of a solution if it ever stuck to one such thing, its turning out to be a bunch of related (sometimes scattered) issues that crop up from time to time.
Its baffling to me, this and the fact that after spending 12 hours a day o…
Dear Husband,

As someone who's been married for 15 whole days, I can say, no, it doesn't feel very different to me. . . .I guess all that late night talking on the phone for hours from my bathroom really paid off.

I love waking up next to you every morning, contrary to what you claim, you do snore a tad bit, and no it doesn't bother me. I know how tired the day must have made you. Every morning I amuse myself by noticing how you slip to the edge of the bed, out of the quilt - stop doing that please, cause your arms that you lovingly wrap around me would feel lovelier if they weren't ice cold.

You never put the cologne bottle back in its case, never wear slippers and when nagged, absentmindedly leave three pairs of chappals on the bedroom floor, you don't talk till you have brushed, you brush in the dark - - -I love living with you, i love figuring out all this little trivia.

Don't Change,

Be as you have been, My happiness.


Elie Kunjoo