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So enough solitude, I decided, back with a bang I am.

Having left you in the lurch for two months, I have traveled  to Australia and back, stopped in Kuala Lumpur on the way, read a couple of great books, introspected on life and whiled away my time in general.

Lets start chronologically, The husband and I left for a 10 day trip to Australia on June 1st, stopped in Malaysia for one humid day and finally reached Melbourne on a chilly Sunday morning to be received by Bunty and Ram at the airport, to say it was a wonderful vacation would be a gross understatement. It was a replenishing experience, one that made me want to go to work after we returned. Visiting a foreign land, seeing how people live there,deciphering the landscape of their civilization, is something that changes your outlook to a great many things, it makes you more tolerant of the world and its people, at the same time bringing the humbling reverie that the Universe has so much to teach you.

Australia, with its vast una…