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Hope - Happy 1st.

I won't apologize. Since my last post, I haven't felt the urge to write, the urge to share, or generally put down on paper the million musings in my head. I blame it largely on my husband of one year, The Lawyer, who made me so comfortable that I forgot to come here and crib or whine about most things. . . . touchwood. . .

"Perhaps all art is a nothing but a road from lovelessness. A means to manage the void. Because love, in its ripeness, annihilates the impulse to create simply because it is creation.The lived experience seeks no outward expression, private and secure in its own self, it just is."

Love has filled me with hope, I wish to fly, to dream , to travel and to share every little joy with this man who wakes me up with a smile.

So I want to go to Paris this coming summer, click cliched photographs, kiss you by the Seine ,come back home  and have a baby.

Happy first anniversary, my love.