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What is it?

What is it with me and work ?

My last job was an out of college, "lets take what I get",  doe eyed experience,
where I entered the world of IT alongside hundreds of other graduates, fresh off the college boat . The training lasted 3 months which were all about sizing up the competition, enjoying your freedom and the general partying your life away. Then came the exams, which made us miss our mommies. Some got through them with ease, others struggled with second attempts and some with still more attempts. At the the end, those of us left  thanked God profusely and breathed a sigh of relief.

A month of respite and we got projects, a lot of time was spent in getting acclimatised with the new environment, the people and the general feeling of important work happening all around you.

I got a Bangalore project and happily joined and figured out in a month that I didn't like any of my teammates and that I would stick to being in office from 9-6 and run home any opportunity I g…

Finding me. . .

I still recall my first day of college, Mum dropped me to the main building, off I went clutching my bag and not letting anyone see the fear my eyes held. There weren't any classes, just orientation sessions that left me disoriented for the most part. I didn't make any friends, I just politely nodded at people and smiled back.

At four, my first day at college had ended and I finally heard my growling stomach. Someone pointed me to the cafeteria.

As I entered, the hullabaloo of college students hit me, frightened me. I stood in front of the large menu for ages, trying to make up my mind. Feeling deeply self conscious.  I fumbled with the money in my new wallet, took out a twenty and found my voice, "Bhaiyya, ek pepsi." He grumbled and slid me a coupon.

I bought my pepsi and sat at the farthest table, drank it trying to pacify my stomach. I felt like a hundred people were staring at me, which is why I didn't buy any food. I wanted this to be over.

You see, I didn&…


I quit my job. . .  I did.

I quit when I finally got good at it, when people started relying on me. I quit when I became party to the gossip rather than be the subject, when I made friends there. But I quit when I learnt what I had to and I knew it was time to move on.

Its been a month now, I left the job in Noida and moved to one in Gurgaon. I take the metro to work now. I've been catching up steadily on my reading, finishing Life of Pi and reading Wodehouse, which makes me laugh out loud in a crowded compartment causing much embarrassment. .

My birthday came and went. . . Priya came and went.

I am wondering now where my writing went, where that little writing bug which lived i me went. . .
I read wonderful things these days, I gasp at the beauty of people's writing but cant get myself to write anymore.

Dont know what happened.

This post was propelled by a college classmate asking me if I still blogged.

Yes, I wanted to say. . .and do some justice to it.

Will try to be more …