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So I am still doing Yoga, albeit not everyday as planned earlier, but I am on it. No rice for a week, no aerated stuff, lots of fruits.

I honestly feel a little better, away from all that grease. I did bake a banana walnut cake in between, but that was whole wheat flour and was intended for the husband.

The only indulgence on these hot summer days is a glass of chilled rooh-afza. . .

Rava Idli for lunch today :)

Weighty Matters

I've always been a foodie, I take after my dad in that sense. When I was younger, and we lived with my paati(grandma), she made no attempts to hide that dad was her favorite child and cooked exclusively for him. Then I came along, and me, the first grandchild became her favorite lil fatty. She would cook and I would gobble it up, I was a no fuss baby, in that regard.

All through adolescence, my mum urged me to cycle, run and diet. The more she pushed, the more I resented it. My heart was never in it. The more she said, "dont drink that coke!",the more I drank cokes chup chup ke. I would take my cycle every morning and leave, my mum was mighty pleased, but I would make about one round and choose to settle down on a bench in the park, reading a book. Call it rebellion, but I was never the health conscious one.

But all through that time, in school and college, I did feel fat. and by virtue of that ugly.

Now when I look back at those pics, I am surprised that I wasn't a…