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being the boss

"Are you my manager?"

"Why? Am I reporting to you now?"

"My my, such a corporate slave you've become honey, That you can't think beyond managers and authority.", is what I wanted to say to the woman who asked me a variation of the above, at work.

I think its idiotic that your ego is on the line the moment you get asked what you are up-to.

Its when I encounter people like these, which I do everyday, that the realization hits me, I must make a life outside work, so that my world isn't confined to such experiences. If I don't venture out, I would also be stuck in the politics of hierarchy, who's on top and why?

ugggh, sad sad little world of office politics.

p.s. I AM her manager, she just doesn't know it yet :P

falling off

i've fallen off the bandwagon and how. portion control, yoga, all started for a week and left.

In no mood to not eat that slice of chocolate cake sitting in the fridge.

When I look in the mirror , I am ok with myself, honestly.

Not liking this one bit. Must try to start again.