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hold please. . .

So since the last time I was here,  a lot of things have changed. The biggest of which has been my attitude towards my job, and to think there really was a period in between where i'd started liking it.

So I was in a great position, or so it seemed, with people under me and with lots of authority when the work pressure started to mount. I began having sleepless nights and began dreading each day. I started to spend more and more time at my desk, taking shorter breaks and avoiding friends at work. I noticed that even  after putting in 12 hours at work, i still felt like i needed more time. Just a little more time.

I began to crack and all my relationships began to suffer. A work opportunity sent me to California for ten days, it was such a great thing to happen to me, no one else at work got it but I did, and I still feel like I blew it. I went and came back, all the while missing home and feeling terribly alone.

I came back to an office where my subordinates hated me and I in tur…