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Restoring Faith

So I never told you that our backyard got taken over by a pregnant dog about a month ago, soon after she gave birth and there were 4 pups that were jumping about playing in the garden, messing up TL's attempts to grow vegetables. One of them was a tiny white fur-ball with brown patches, it had taken refuge under a big chair just near the door, away from his siblings. He'd while away time playing with furniture, falling off of things and being afraid of water. He was a loner, and quite content. We'd go see him every other morning and feed him some milk while we were at it, but of course he was more interested in chewing the TL's slippers than the milk he was being fed. I named him Bubble Gum.
A couple of days ago, a little girl took Bubble Gum away. I cried when I found out. He was slow and gentle, the fast paced world was bound to crush his spirit, I prayed for him to be happy wherever he was and wished him a lot of comfortable furniture.I'd miss him. I didn't…