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After months and posts of ranting here, about wanting a child and not wanting to go to the doctor anymore, what if I told you that I am pregnant ?!

Yes, God has been kind to me, on July 1st I took a test and then another on the 2nd, to be surprised by the faint second line on my test. I never get the second line!!

Its still unbelievable, honestly. I found a new doctor, who seems educated and modern, she asked me to take a test called the HSG that the previous doctor had also suggested but somehow I'd never come around. But this doctor convinced me and that too without too much trying, maybe theres a right time for everything after all!

So here I am 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant! :)

I took 2 weeks off from work and frankly the TV serials that my ma in law watches are so shitty that I'd rather be back at work. It's crap i promise.

Anyways, this is the big news that has forced me out of my bloggy retirement, I am happy but not too much, I am definitely scared. Hope I keep post…