Monday, August 24, 2015

The power of me.

There have been times, when I've been distraught because a co worker has been ignoring me or when people fail to show minimum amounts of courtesy, I've been angry at this world that we live in , with all of its rude people and this in turn has affected my actions.

I was at a job a year ago, the one at the startup, where my career was going steadily up. So much, that I could see my rise and the growth that it promised, I went to San Fransisco on that job, I was outranking colleagues in no time and was praised for my EQ, for dealing with clients.Then came the evil pitfall, I let myself fall prey to other people's negativity, mostly the jealousy that accompanied my rise. Looking back I realize, more often than not, when people ignore you or undermine you it is because they're insecure. I made the mistake of wanting to blend in with them, that took away my peace of mind. I was losing my grit and gumption, and quite frankly my mind. Pretty soon, office became hell, I didn't get along with my superiors anymore, all because I wanted to please the junta. In a year I was done, I quite the job that could have changed my life and made me very very successful, in for a cookie cutter role, where rise is slow and politics is higher. I thought I was picking security over my inherent insecurities. But I realized soon enough, the mistake was always in letting someone else dictate my self worth.

People will always be rude, always be bullies. That shouldn't change who you are or how you were taught. Certainly, you must evolve, you must grow and pick up the good things, learn where there are opportunities, but you must always listen to yourself first. At least you'll be 100% behind every decision you make, even the bad ones, Isn't that how we learn?

That is what I want to teach my Beanie, to be strong, to trust his instinct always. Never to bend to pressure and always know what's right for him. You're better off enjoying a lunch alone, than to endure someone whose company you don't enjoy, who doesn't make you feel good.

P.s. - I still meet people at work who ignore me, who walk away to drink tea in groups without having the courtesy to ask you, but they bother me much less. I remind myself, I'm better off not mingling with those who don't imbibe the same values as i do.

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