Thursday, August 20, 2015

To the baby - At Ten weeks!

Over the years, I've noticed how my blog has become a place to collect my thoughts neatly. I read a plethora of wonderful blogs, that have a huge following and know in my heart that I can never write to an audience that way, or hold a line of thought for too long. But what this blog has become is serve as an index for my own thoughts, I often go back and dig out posts of despair to remind myself of how far I've come. So in a bid to preserve all that I want to say to my unborn child, this is an attempt to post something new , every week atleast. I know I wont start a separate baby blog, but someday I can read these and give myself some food for thought.

I am 10weeks and 4 days today, the baby is as big as a prune and I am showing just slightly. I am more rounded overall and I crave crave crave junk food!! I am at work, no one's come in yet but I can't stop dreaming about lunch, there is pasta clouding my mind at this very moment. I keep dreaming of baby girls, wonder if that means something?

I have a scan in a couple of weeks which checks for healthy brain development in the child, and I am a little worried for that, overall the moods go between happiness and despair.

This week I've reread some of my harry potter books, and can't wait to introduce them to my Beanie baby.

Dear Beanie,

I hope you get my reading gene, your Papa is intelligent as hell but the man can't read a book for pleasure and how I wished he would. I can't wait to smother you with books, and hope you take after me!



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