Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The great debate

The moment the world finds out you are pregnant, everything quickly turns into a great debate. Advice pours in from unexpected quarters, next thing you know your accountant is advising you on using a body pillow! They all mean well but it sure is a lot of advice.

As your little one makes an appearance, it only worsens, now the advice has turned into opinion and opinion into strong judgement if not heeded to, phew and you thought childbirth was taxing.

I had a C section, its major surgery which knocked me out for a couple of days, when I regained my senses I was greeted with a flurry of, "Oh, no normal delivery?", lucky for them i was weak enough to not be able to hand out a deserving punch or two.

You'll be surprised how many people will offer an opinion on anything baby or mom related, breast milk vs formula sits at the top of this list. Heaven forbid there might be a woman whose first choice isn't nursing a baby till he's two! Some wan't to do it but can't, some might not want to at all, its their prerogative, after all she's the one who lay on that table and gave this baby life, she can decide wether she wants to be milked like a cow or not. I formula feed, up until now I let people know that I had to stop because of a bout of Chicken pox, but then I met a wonderful pediatrician who told me to stop setting myself up for failure, I choose to formula feed why should I be apologetic about it? I know what is best for my child and My situation, no one really deserves an explanation if it works for me.

I think as women, we need to offer each other strength as Dr.Shukla did for me, her words gave me encouragement and made me believe in myself, more power to that. Women helping women is the greatest thing, if only we could do it more often.

My babe is now almost 6 months old, abd every day I learn something new, but mostly what gets reiterated everyday is do what's best for you, try it out and see, settle on it because you tried and it worked , it might've worked for someone else but you really out to try it out yourself!

So this is a tidbit of what I've learnt in the past months that I've been MIA, I promise to be more regular and keep you updated.

P.s. Its a boy! We've named him Rehan:)

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